Video Submission Project

There will be plenty of time for you to see others in front of the camera. For now, we want you to turn the camera on yourself, and help us tell the story of the Beach Theatre! We’re requesting a 30-60 second video recording, taken with your smartphone. The video can be shot in a casual setting and should only take minimal time. This recording can include who you are, what the theatre means to you, special memories of the theatre, your involvement in the project, and/or what you are looking forward to most in the future.

Charlie Chaplin filming The Gold Rush.

Additionally, if you have access to still photos of the theater (the inside, the outside, events you attended, etc.), we want those too! If they're already saved on your phone, you can send everything at once. Or, feel free to send them separately to When sending still photos, be sure to identify what's going on and, if possible, when the photo was taken.
We ask that you submit your videos by Monday, December 20th!
Tips for recording:
  • Pick a place that’s quiet and well-lit. The quieter, the better! This could be a bedroom or den.
  • For taking the video:
    • If shooting the video yourself, hold your phone horizontally at arm’s length with the camera facing toward you.
    • If someone is helping you, have them hold the phone horizontally so we can see you from the chest up.

How to submit:
  • After you have recorded your video, open your Internet browser and visit
  • On the homepage, select "Send a file".
  • Select the video from your photo library and click "Add".
  • In the title box, write "Beach Theatre Video Project".
  • In the message box, write your name, then click "Next".
  • Select the option "Send an email", then click "Next".
  • Email to
  • Share with us your email address. For easy record-keeping, use the one you've used to receive our email updates. Then, click "Transfer".
    • Note: if it's your first time using WeTransfer, you may have to input a verification code that will be emailed to you.
  • You will receive an email confirmation that the video has been sent, and another when we have seen it!